melody frost

Melody Frost (22) is a pop artist from Breda (the Netherlands). She’s currently studying at the Herman Brood Academy, focussing on the vocalist course, to become the performer she’s always intended to become. Melody Frost brings a teen-vibe, rebel but cute aesthetic to you through her danceable and honest music and performance. With her first song “Atmosphere” she dared to show her vulnerability to the public and with her most recent song she casually channeled her inner fashion demon through her song “Fake LV”.

marta arpini & radio trapani

MARTA ARPINI & RADIO TRAPANI started collaborating by producing together the newest singles by Marta, “Storyteller” and “Waterbomb”, both released in 2020. 

For Thuispop, they have prepared a special live set in which they multitask between different instruments and vocal parts and play each other’s songs. If the setlist is half Marta’s and half Radio’s songs, altogether it’s the vibrant picture of a kind of contemporary songwriting that speaks with glitters, nostalgia and visionary harmonies.


january 29th, 21:30 CET
arta arpini & radio trapani (IT)

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