1. Download Zoom for Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android. If you’re using a computer and have a Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge you can also watch it directly in your browser without installing the Zoom app (Safari is not supported until further notice).
2. Navigate to your room of choice
3. Click on the ‘enter’ button
4. Enter your ‘license key’ to continue, don’t have one yet? Visit our store to buy your ticket.
5. You’re now inside the room, click on ‘View in App’ and the show will launch. On the page that will open afterwards, you can choose to watch it in the app or in the browser.
6. Inside the waiting room, wait for the host to let you in.
7. Turn on your camera (for the full concert experience)
8. After each song the host will ask you to unmute yourself so the artist can hear your applause

Yes, the Zoom app is available on most devices. Download the app for Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android directly or check if your device is compatible here. Once you’ve installed Zoom on the device of your choice, click on one of the rooms, the enter button and get ready for a great night of entertainment.

You don’t need the app, it depends on your device. If you’re using a computer and you’ve got a supported browser (Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge) you can watch the show in your browser. For all other devices and browsers you can download Zoom for MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android or other platforms here.

Zoom compresses the audio to a high degree, therefore you must first make some adjustments to the settings in both the web browser and in the app, otherwise it will sound like you are “under water” when music is played or performed. Follow the following steps:

In the web browser → Settings
“Allow users to select stereo audio in their client settings” ON
“Allow users to select original sound in their client settings” ON

In the app: → settings→ audio:
– automatically adjust volume: Volume: OFF
– enable stereo: ON
In the app: → settings→ audio → advanced: ‘Show in-meeting option to “Enable Original Sound” from microphone: ON
Suppress Persistent Background Noise: DISABLE
Suppress Intermittent Noise: DISABLE

No, you have to buy a ticket in our store to enter. You can buy tickets for the individual shows or a passe partout for the entire program. 

Feel free to get in touch with us by sending an e-mail to info@thuispop.nl and we’ll see if we can offer you a show on Thuispop.

No, you can not. Due to the General Data Protection Regulation it is not possible to leave previous concerts available for replay. You can however see who performed at Thuispop in the past in the about section.

If you have a different question, feel free to send a message to info@thuispop.nl.

september 25th, swimm

LA based SWIMM combines sonic elements of weightlessness and psychedelic fluidity with lyrical content grounded in social commentary and a longing for clarity.

september 25th, jolene

Every edition, in the Garden we present tomorrow’s talent from the Netherlands. On the 25th of September you can listen to the 22 year old singer-songwriter, JOLENE. 

september 25th, florian wolff

Singer-Songwriter Florian Wolff has two things he wants to leave behind on this planet. We’ll keep the things he has planned for Thuispop a surprise, but this will be a special one for sure!

september 25th, simon keats

This time Keats brings a musical homage to his heroes, covering some of his favorite songs of all time. See you there!

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