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joel sarakula & band

Joel Sarakula is an AUS/UK artist who writes, produces and sings Soulful Pop. His music is informed by a rich, 1970s-inspired musical and visual palette, drawing on Soft-Rock, Funk and Disco influences, filtering them for our darker times while still remaining hopeful. On July 3rd he will be performing in the Thuispop Livingroom alongside Phil Martin, doing a special session from Phil’s studio.


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september 25th, swimm

LA based SWIMM combines sonic elements of weightlessness and psychedelic fluidity with lyrical content grounded in social commentary and a longing for clarity.

september 25th, jolene

Every edition, in the Garden we present tomorrow’s talent from the Netherlands. On the 25th of September you can listen to the 22 year old singer-songwriter, JOLENE. 

september 25th, florian wolff

Singer-Songwriter Florian Wolff has two things he wants to leave behind on this planet. We’ll keep the things he has planned for Thuispop a surprise, but this will be a special one for sure!

september 25th, simon keats

This time Keats brings a musical homage to his heroes, covering some of his favorite songs of all time. See you there!

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